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We take pride in the work we do at Arolco Engineering Solutions, which is why we work across multiple sectors to ensure we are meeting all of our clients' needs. We believe in providing high-quality engineering solutions that exceed expectations.


Waste &


Our engineering company specialises in providing innovative solutions for energy, waste, and recycling industries. We offer a variety of services to ensure effective and efficient operation of conveying equipment, including augers, conveyors, and rollers. Our use of high-quality polyurethane materials gives our products long-lasting durability and strength.


Our agriculture products are designed with you in mind. We have a comprehensive range of solutions, from specialised harvesting equipment to animal feed solutions and common machinery components, all of which are manufactured to the highest standards of quality. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support to help you achieve your goals.


At our engineering firm, we know that using the right materials is key to any successful construction project. That's why we offer a variety of top-quality polyurethane concrete supplies to ensure that your job is done right. Our range includes mixing paddles, scraper blades, void formers, end stops and mould features. 

Food & Drink

For all your food and drink manufacturing needs, Arolco Engineering Solutions offers the expertise and customised solutions you need to take your production, processing and manufacturing processes to the next level. Our Bottle Plant Components, Peeler Rollers, Teflon coated feed rollers, Pigging Systems and many more products are designed to improve performance, efficiency and safety.


Looking for high-quality engineering solutions for the pharmaceutical sector? Look no further. At our company, we specialize in manufacturing precision parts used for packaging medication such as rollers, wheels, and machined parts. Our products come with non-stick coatings and are aimed at resolving various issues like antistatic, soft material handling, and more. 

Woodwork & Sawmill

Our woodwork and sawmill offers a diverse range of products made from sustainably sourced timber. We take pride in supporting local sawmills and woodworking plants, as well as our global endeavours. Our products include processed wood products, bespoke furniture and wood pellets used as fuel. Every product goes through a careful quality check, including the wood lamination process that adds to the beauty and durability of the end product. 

Heavy Plant

If you’re looking for premium engineering solutions for your heavy plant equipment, look no further than Arolco Engineering Solutions. We offer a wide range of solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your equipment based on what it is handling and its operating environment. Our professional team has the engineering expertise and experience to ensure your heavy plant equipment runs efficiently and safely.

Light Engineering

Our light engineering services cater to engineering companies working with end users. We provide a wide range of services from recovering rollers to manufacturing fabricated components, repairing equipment, and more. Our offerings include customised PU Sheeting, Feed Wheels, Bridge Wheels & Arms, and Polyurethane Bearings for your machinery. You will always get high-quality and efficient services at competitive prices with our engineering solutions.

Plastic Extrusion

Our plastic extrusion service is an industry-leading process for creating high-quality, continuous-profile plastic products. From packaging to corrugated plastics to roofing on large stadiums, our extrusion technology can do it all. Count on us for exceptional quality and fast turnaround times on all of your plastic extrusion needs, including our specialised nip, layon, extrude, and analogue rollers.


We are proud to supply Utilities products to the local councils and water sectors, particularly specialising in Bridge Wheels, Chutes & Liners, and Agitators. Our products are designed to work efficiently and effectively in challenging environments. As one of the leading engineering companies in the industry, we have tested different materials to ensure that our products are extremely durable and reliable.

Packaging &


Our packaging and print solutions are designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of businesses in a constantly changing market. As a leading engineering company, we offer innovative packaging solutions for companies of all sizes. Our products range from small envelopes to large plastic crates, providing options for every need. Despite the digital age, the print and packaging industry is still necessary and thriving. Order our high-quality packaging solutions today!

Companies that trust Arolco Engineering Solutions to keep turning the wheels of industry!

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